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What does #drinkdifferent mean?

More than just a hashtag, #drinkdifferent is an attitude, a way of life. It celebrates the thrill of the hunt for a good bottle and the joy of discovery when you lift a glass of its majestic liquid to your lips. Our staff lives by this thinking. Experimentation is how we become informed. Being informed is what helps us become better advisors to you.

Sure, when it comes to favorite bottles, we all have "can't go wrong" standbys. However, there are so many winemakers, brewmasters and distillers creating amazing new flavors nowadays, that it would be shame not to determine for ourselves whether someone has found a way to improve on some of the classics, even our beloved standbys. Hey, sometimes you just like what you like. There's nothing wrong with just liking what you like, but that won't necessarily keep us from trying to surprise you with something special from time to time.

Celebrate your independents!

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