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Can you help me find a good bottle?

We've been answering this question about wine, liquor and beer for more than forty years. And you know what? We never get tired of answering it because when you do what you love, it's easy to talk about it. To us, a "good bottle" is one that makes you happy, one that represents the best "bang for the buck" and one that possibly introduces you to something new, different and equally delightful.

We especially love getting to know our customers. These relationships not only brighten our day, they also make us smarter - smarter about what you like and smarter about what our clientele in general would like to see more often. Pointing to an aisle to help you find something? That's just not the way we do things around here. Whether you're an old timer or a new timer, we appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and what you like. And we hope we can teach you a thing or two, as well.

Top-shelf customer service is not limited to our daily customer interactions. The people in red aprons that you see throughout are store are the very same people who help us find the best bottles for our customers. Everyone here is informed, has an opinion (some stronger than others) and significant experience in identifying and talking about even the most challenging-to-find boutique wines, limited-batch spirits and seasonal beers. If only we could bottle that!

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