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We Now Carry an Assortment of Fine Cigars!

Next time you're in WMWLM looking for a nice bottle of Scotch, make sure you stop and peruse our cigar selection. You'll be sure to find and nice stoagie or two to accent your delicious choice of whisky. Cheers!

We Got a Facelift!

If you've been by West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart lately, you might have noticed that our entrance is quite different. The wall dividing our parking lot and Krystal's has been removed, allowing you to access our lot from the light at Page Road and Harding Pike.

Yes, while it was fun acting like a racecar driver turning left in and out of our lot, we've made it much safer to access our store. We hope you like the upgrades, and we ask that you please be careful navigating the lot. We'll have signage up soon to help the flow of traffic. Cheers!

Getting some love from StyleBlueprint!

StyleBlueprint, the popular online lifestyle magazine for Southern women, recently released their prestigious Luxe Loves List for December, showcasing a number of high-end, splurge-worthy gifts around Nashville. At the very bottom of the list, you'll find a wine from the WM Reserve, the Chåteau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Thanks to StyleBlueprint for the love! Check out the list to find the best that Nashville has to offer, and check out the WM Reserve page to find out more about the Chateauneuf-du-Pape!

We're making big changes and bigger headlines!

After 40 years in the business, we're excited to announce that some new changes are coming to the store. With the passing of new state laws, West Meade Wine and Liquor Mart is now your one-stop shop to find every distinctive flavor that Nashville has to offer. Check out the story in the Tennessean and get the inside scoop on our store's newest initiatives.

Read more on our store's newest initiatives

Lesley Lassiter of the Nashville Scene was gracious enough to profile us and our newest changes in one of her blog posts, discussing the new laws regarding liquor stores in the state. Check out her story in the Nashville Scene's blog for more information!

WMWLM shines during "More at Midday" on WSMV CH 4

Today West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart begins its 6 installment series with promotions on "More at Midday" on WSMV Channel 4 starting at 11:00 AM. Make sure you tune in to join in the fun.

Check out our resident party planning expert Amy Jablonski as she was in studio letting everyone know about how we help you prepare and plan out your wedding, party or special event. Click the video to find out more. Great job Amy!!

-Check out video of our own Amy HERE

Our usual beer nerd Jonathan was in studio getting everyone primed for Cinco de Mayo. Why don't you check him out talking Tequila and educating the viewers on what exactly is the differences between a "Mixto" tequila and "100% Agave." See everybody..he knows a little more than just beer.

- Check out video of Jonathan HERE

Our Steeplechase "No Grass On The Grass" general Alan Whitley was in studio getting everyone primed for the annual running/party. WMWLM is your Steeplechase headquarters year in and out. Top notch Alan!!

- Check out video of Alan HERE

Our co-owner Tina Hostettler Whitley was in studio giving everyone a quick history lesson on the 35+ years of top notch customer serivce that is the staple of West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart. (WMWLM)

- Check out video of Tina HERE

Alan Whitley was back in studio letting everyone know about the fantastic options we have for Fathers Day gifts here at West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart. (WMWLM)

- Check out video of Alan HERE

Wine: Be Daring and Try New Varieties

Check out everyones favorite wine guy Amos Baugh from West Meade Wine & Liquor Mart and his freshly written article for the Tennessean. HERE

He's talking about some really interesting stuff here, not the same old boring wines that you're used to.

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