Child And Aged Care


When speaking of learning, age doesn’t matter, which means it is continuous. As long as you are learning, you have the chance to improve yourself by enrolling in selmar institute of education.

What do they offer?

Selmar Institute of Education offers these courses:

  • Child care
  • Aged care
  • Short courses

Education is always inspired by compassion and care.

Why study in Selmar?

Discovering your career passion can be easy and challenging with Selmar. It is one of the industry-leading Child care and Aged care courses. Practical placement for the students and experienced trainers are organized by the school from start to finish.

Online learning

Students can study a new online portal and have fun learning anywhere 24/7. It brings specialized child care and aged care training. One great thing about online learning is being accessible and convenient for learners, especially today. COVID-19 case is still threatening the lives of the people, especially the aged people. Before anything else, why not keep them safe and cared for according to their needs?

What is a child care course?

Child care course focuses on how the provide support services and proper care for children. Caring for kids involves more than just providing physical care, courses branch into:

  • psychology
  • child and family development
  • early childhood education

You may begin a career working with these young people in the rewarding early childhood education industry. Child care courses are suitable for students searching to start a new career and those ready to upskill to refresh knowledge or advance their careers. Highest quality training in ensuring the student enhances and flourishes the quality of this essential industry.

Thus child care courses are recognized nationally. You may feel child care is unimportant, but some states are offering the course, especially in states with busy parents.

What is an aged care course?

The aged care courses retain practical placement that helps gain industry experience. You may learn the skills and theory to provide person-centered care in various aged care facilities. An aged care worker gives personal, emotional, and physical support to older people requiring assistance with daily living. Aged care service assists with daily tasks, such as:

  • showering
  • dressing
  • shopping
  • preparing food
  • eating
  • often assist with social activities and outings

The course is not just teaching for anyone’s career, but also teaches them how to care the ages. The aged care course also provides you a certificate proving that you have completed an entry-level qualification with skills through:

  1. Assisting the elderly with hygiene and personal care
  2. Provide emotional and social support
  3. Help them maintain independence

If you have a love for children and aged people and want to offer them the best care and guidance, you can enroll and get this course to get a certification, as an added profession.

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