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Laminate sheets started on the residential scene years ago and offered an easy-to-install, aesthetic, and a strong alternative to durable hardwood floors. Its technology has advanced since then and nowadays, you get sharper imaging, deeper embossing, and a host of other innovations.

Laminate floors can last as much as 25 years and have exceedingly good performance, appearance, and reputation. Tiles on the other hand, are used as flooring in a lot of houses and commercial areas in kitchens, and bathrooms. They are used mainly in warm climates and other high traffic areas. Tiles are elegant, durable, and do not hold on or attract dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens. They stand out and are easier to clean with a mop or sponge. However, compared to laminates, tiles are expensive.

Here are a few differences between laminates and tiles and why each one is good in its own way.

Laminates vs Tiles: Affordability 

Many good laminates can be found in an affordable range and the difference in pricing depends on the thickness of the layer and the quality. Considering how cost-effective it is, most homes invest in the best laminates they can find. Laminate installation is not very expensive and is widely used.It is one of the most inexpensive interior decor materials. Tiles are also great for budget and DIY installation. However, if you want to go more into better looking, designed, and professionally installed tiles, the price can go slightly higher. It all depends on the quality of the tile and how difficult it is to install.

Laminates vs Tiles: Maintenance

Laminate surfaces are easy to clean and maintain – just dust the surfaces regularly or wipe them off with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution and you’re good to go.

Tiles require a bit of routine maintenance to ensure that it is clean. Depending on the area you live in, use a proper floor cleaner to protect the surface from dust and stains. Tiles are extremely tough and difficult to crack and good quality tiles can last for years if well maintained, and replacing a broken tile is relatively easy.

Laminates vs Tiles:Aesthetic 

Laminate flooring can replicate the look of tiles, wood, stone, or other natural material and unlike real hardwood, there are no defects or imperfect pieces in laminate surfaces. Every board of decorative laminates is consistent in quality and appearance. Deep embossing adds to the effect of the wood grain. Laminate surfaces are similar to real wood and stone if you look closely and if the installation is done properly you can end up with identical boards near each other. It’s an excellent way to quickly and affordably renovate your interiors. Most modern manufacturers allow tile producers to make printed or embossed materials which can be mix-matched in patterns or custom designs and motifs. This can be printed on the tiles itself and the varieties are endless. You can have tiles that are shaped into planks, triangles, rectangles and can be used for a lot of décor or themed homes.

The Bottom Line 

Laminates are more affordable, easier to handle and install as well as maintain. They can recreate stone surfaces like tiles at half the cost.

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