You Think Artificial Grass Is Pet-Friendly


Are you looking for a comfortable space for your pets?  Artificial grass Wellington is the best option for your pet garden. We all love to have a pet in our home but we have to look after them which is not an easy task. If a pet is in our home, then we have to keep it with the same love and care as we do with our child. It is important for us to pay attention to what is wrong and what is right. Like a young child wants to play, in the same way, the pet is also like a child who always runs to play whether it is dogs or cats.

If you have a dog in the house then I must say your dog will scratch, dig and bald spots in your garden. When they come inside the house, they mess up the whole house with their muddy paw and all the natural grasses are spoiled by them.

There are so many people who are looking for artificial grass. This grass makes your garden pure friendly to your pet and it is easy to maintain. Dogs want to play all around this artificial grass in the same way as they do on natural grass.

Even, if the dogs are playing on it, then there is no chance of getting a digging spot and muddy paw. Sometimes dogs make bald patches where they have urinated. But if dogs do urine on artificial grass then there will be no problem.

To make your garden odor-free and clean then I would suggest you install the best drainage system and go for synthetic grass which provides you a neat and tidy playing surface for your pet. Now let’s know more about “Do You Think Artificial Grass Is Pet-Friendly”?

1. Feel Real Grass:

These days artificial grass is so modern that if it is planted in the garden then you will not be able to recognize whether it is real or fake. The best part is that it comes in color variation, which makes you feel like it is real grass. You can also install artificial grass on your balcony if you don’t have a garden. If you build a small dog house and put grass on the flooring, then your dog will like it a lot.

2. Avoid Harmful Chemicals:

As we all know, taking care of plants is also a very important task if you have a garden or balcony. If it is natural grass then it is a must that you will need fertilizer, pesticides every month to keep all the insects away. Artificial grass doesn’t need these kinds of things. It needs only one wash in a week. Putting chemical fertilizer on natural grass can harm your dogs and cat or even you, because if they play in that grass, then small particles stick to your pet fur.

3. Free from muddy mess:

My pet (Isabel) loves rolling all around the garden after the rain and I know that your pet must be doing the same. After this, they come home and lie down on the carpet or furniture and make them messy. But this does not happen in artificial grass, it has drainage holes and also good drainage stone underneath. Because of all these it dries very quickly after the rains or put down water. So, don’t worry and let your dog play happily.

4. Is it Odour Free?


Yes! It is totally odour free if you have a good drainage system. You wash it with an eco-friendly detergent if you think it is required In natural grass, if you feel the smell, it does not go away quickly and then after washing it becomes wet.

5. No dig hole

These things cannot be ignored that most dogs love to dig holes in anywhere. So if they do it in natural grass then a lot of soil becomes mud. Somewhere or other you will get angry by seeing this. But artificial grass is extremely durable which is impossible to tear. Synthetic grass is a good option for your playful dog.

At last they love it!

You can also imagine the benefits of artificial grass in your house. For those houses which have a big lawn, the natural grass is a good option. But as the days are passing by, we are moving towards apartments, flats, and in city life. So, those who are in city life they know the value of artificial grass, as they cannot grow real grass in their home.

One of the best reasons for applying artificial grass is that you can install it even inside your home without providing any water or sunlight. But, it is impossible for the real grass. Atlast, the artificial grass will never reach upto the beauty of the real grass. But at some point it is worth installing.

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