Introduced by ace makeup artist of MAC Cosmetics Dominic Skinner, cloud skin makeup is all about that lit-from-within glow that takes you back to the charm of old-world paintings. Amidst the fanbase of Korean glass skincare, it nudges you towards the art of rendering the makeup in a smooth buttery finish, enhancing the skin, giving it a natural effect. As the temperature rises leaving you in no mood to dab on layers of makeup, it’s the perfect time to try your hands on this sweat-proof skin that promises that soft-focus sunkissed glow in all your selfies.

The term ‘cloud skin’ describes a supple and lightly enhanced skin texture, unlike the glossy or dewy skin that is achieved by building up illuminators and highlighters. Referring to it as ‘cloud skin’ is ideal, as it’s multidimensional and far from the traditional notion of simply applying foundation and powder.

The best part is that recreating this look is pretty simple. The texture blends with your natural skin with a delicately blurry and plumpy effect that you can adorn from AM to PM. As the influx of cloud skin spreads amongst beauty enthusiasts, here’s how you can achieve the soft-focus blurred yet radiant glow in your makeup regime.

As glossy pages of magazines are also seen favouring the buttery skin texture on covetable faces, beauty girls are prompted to ditch the glass skin dominating the Korean skincare market parallelly. The key is to layer products with matte finishes and a dash of pearlescent highlights to give your skin a cloudy effect. You can also add a dash of luminous moisturisers with foundations that have a velvety soft finish to create that filter-like glow.

Deciphering the buzzword

Cloud Skin— the name in itself evokes a feeling of escapism and sums up the formula that can take over influential platforms like social media. The versatility of soft filtered skin can appeal to even those who always prefer to go minimal on makeup. On the lookout for a step-by-step guide to getting this angelic glow? Here are easy tips you can follow.

Hydrate your skin

Achieving the perfect base is essential for flawless skin as the name ‘cloud’ suggests. And it all starts with perfect a priming and hydrating regimen. Prep your skin with a primer before blending in the foundation. The trick is to ease up on the illuminating effect of your strobe cream and let the primer skin into the skin effortlessly for a smooth base. Besides, this step also gives you the freedom to skip your facial oil. By perfecting your natural skin first, you’ll create the ideal canvas for your makeup application.

Plump it up with a prime

To achieve the ultimate cloud skin effect with your foundation, opt for a mousse-like or mattifying texture for a smooth, matte finish that is perfectly suited to this trend. To create a natural-looking filter, apply a small amount of product with a fluffy brush, avoiding densely packed brushes or sponges, which can make your makeup appear too heavy-handed. Apply concealer sparingly, only where necessary.

Lastly, set the base with loose powder. Finish by setting your base with a light dusting of loose powder. Translucent powder is the perfect choice for creating an illusion of light reflection and minimizing fine lines, just like our most-used social media filters.

Add dimension to your cheekbones

To avoid going over the top with highlighting, opt for a subtle shimmery illuminator that will anchor your look. This will tie the skin texture together effortlessly. For a little more depth to the cloudy effect, try blending in a creamy blush formula or cheek tint, which will add dimension to your skin.

By applying powder cleverly in certain areas, you can not only increase the longevity of your foundation but also achieve a fresher and more dewy appearance in other parts of your face without a highlighter. And there you have it —your skin will look smooth, bouncing light off it beautifully.

Give the trend a personal spin

This new beauty trailblazer is a stunning combination of skincare and makeup, occupying a space between matte and illuminated, opaque and sheer, just like a plume of clouds. While cloud skin texture is currently in high demand for skin, quirky iconography is becoming a popular trend for eye makeup, often achieved through stickers and stencils. By incorporating these elements, you can give your hazy diffusion skin base a unique and fashionable twist.

In a nutshell, the trend hits the sweet spot between matte and glow radiance serving that sunshine-ready appearance that is most sought after during summer. Sported by beauty visionaries like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande, the Cloud Skin effect sets itself apart from previous beauty trends, particularly in the era of virtual influencing platforms and the craze about quick-fix filters.

Cloud skin brings the best of both worlds together—skincare and makeup—to achieve a radiant glow. If you’re looking for skincare and makeup products to achieve the cloud skin look, you can check out tira! Read our blogs for more trendsetting makeup updates.

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