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Almost every school system around the world has been hosting spelling bee competition for a while now. A huge number of students participate in these competitions and put their vocabulary skills to the test and it also provides an opportunity to expand their knowledge about words and their usage.

If you are also willing to put your vocabulary to the test but hesitate to mess up in the very beginning worry less because i got for you some fire tips that will aid in improving your spelling bee skills so that you can hold the lead in the upcoming spell bee competition.

  • Eye Spy

Let’s begin with eye spy. From the name you can get the idea that this trick will require an active brain and sharp eyes that can spy and catch the spelling word rapidly.

Start your spy operation from the very first word of the list. Take any of your english text book and look up for the word in different texts try to spot a word in at least three places.

Do this with the rest of your spelling words and see how quickly you get the spellings with this trick.

  • Shape Your Spelling Word

Next on the list is to shape your spelling word. Sounds fun right? If you don’t want to exhaust yourself in eye spy you can go for this trick.

All you have to do is to grab a paper and pen and start drawing random shapes on tha paper. After completing your shapes, start writing the spelling word on the outer line of the shape keeping in mind to follow the shape’s outline. Then fill in the rest of the shape with the same word.

Do this with each and every word on your list, one word for each shape. You can repeat the shapes if you run out of ideas.

  • Syllable sort

Now comes syllable sort. Sometimes it gets difficult to pronounce a lengthy word, and due to the wrong pronunciation we mess up the spelling of the word. 

If that also happens with you then start sorting out your spelling words in syllables.

Syllable sort can be used for both long and short spellings to understand the phonetics of the words easily. You can write your word in its original form first then break it down into syllables, then pronounce each syllable and understand the sounds of vowels and consonants.

After this write your word on the other paper by reminding yourself all the syllables of the word. If you mess up the first time, do not worry and give it another shot. 

You will definitely get the word in maximum three tries. 

  • Wrong Hand Words

Next comes the wrong hand word. In this trick you will be using your non dominant hand to practice your spelling bee words.

While using a non dominant hand it requires deep consciousness of mind as you force your brain to work in a way other than it usually does which leads to attentiveness. This attentiveness will help you remember the spellings words.

Start practicing your spelling words using the wrong hand to learn the spellings in the fastest way possible.

  • Look, Say And Write

Last but not the least is look, say and write. It may sound a bit boring but what is better than using three senses to practice your spelling words?

Start with a sense of sight, look at the spelling of the word and try to keep it in mind, then pronounce the word and put all your focus on the phonetics.

Now recall the spelling of the word that you saw and heard and write it down.

 If you fail to get the spelling right, try to be more attentive while performing the above task.

  • SpellQuiz practice

Last on the list is spellquiz. We all are so fond of the technology these days that we find books and pens a bit off with all these ipads and laptops in hands. So spellquiz is your way to go if you want to practice your spelling for grade 3 online.

Spellquiz is a website that is serving a huge number of students, teachers and parents around the world with their spelling learning activities that include spelling tests, vocabulary tests, spelling bee quizzes, idioms, and a lot more with easy registration.

So register yourself now and start expanding your vocab using a modern way of learning.

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