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One of the most challenging adventures in life is going to school. It is a place where you start educational learning and understand yourself and what profession you should be taking for your future career. But, not all students have been prepared when choosing their career by the time they reach grade 12. Some of still are still unsure while others are decided, on which Yarra Valley Grammar can help you out during this challenging time.

The school board

The school board is responsible for the school’s direction. A strategic plan is developed to guide the future of the school and seeks to ensure that the school remains the leader in education around the east of Melbourne. The school is the top and first choice of parents for their children to get a quality education.

The school board has lined up with past and present parents, community leaders, past students, and the community secretary, helping together in reaching the vision and mission of the school for the students’ better future.


The strategic plan developed by the school board served as the guide for the school. The plan contains an ongoing commitment to making sure that the school will always remain the leader in education with the help of the principal and the school board. The school has adopted two approaches to make learning successful:

  • Teaching plan
  • Learning strategic plan

These plans support the commitment to excellence in education. It also recognizes exceptional teachers and excellence in teaching. The school is active in accepting highly professional people who have the heart and dedication to helping the school support and develop excellence in teaching.

As outlined in the school’s strategic plan, the school board fully supports learning and teaching through the appropriate resource provision, personnel, and facilities. Supporting the learning and strategic plan aims to ensure that the experience is defined in the lives of the young generations emphasizing the quality of educational experience.

It includes the culture of the school, and the way how values bring to life, sustain positivity and are felt by all the people connected with the school. The consistency of the performance of the teacher is 100% sure, action and delivery. The school strives to generate graduates and ready to face their professions in life. They focus on how graduates will face their future as well as how these people contribute good things to the community.

Plus, what makes the school the top choice of parents is the friendly environment, well-trained teachers, welcoming principal, and very strategic teaching and learning plans. Students will not feel pressured when schooling. Instead, they would feel that they are molded with the right teachers and guidance to make them a better version of themselves.

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