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Taking your dog for a road trip? You need to know that vehicles and dogs never gel well. Due to their incompatibility, most dogs are afraid of cars. So, as a dog owner, you need to take the necessary steps to avoid panicky situations during the trip. Irrespective of your dog’s breed, you need to prepare the trip in advance to avoid any complications.

Without proper planning and preparation, both you and your dog will become exhausted by the time you arrive at the destination. Preparing your pets and yourself in advance will lower stress levels. When you travel in a car or van, you want a smooth trip without causing any trouble to others. The unruly or sickly behavior of your dog can make the trip a disaster. Follow some fantastic tips to make your dog the best travel companion.

7 Amazing Tips for Surviving A Road Trip with Your Dog:

1.   Test Drive

Before the road trip, check the car’s condition. Similarly, you need to make your dog ready for the road trip. Start with a few test drives of short distance and gradually increase the trip’s length over time. This step will help you identify any potential issue with your dog like:

  • Does your dog experience car-sickness?
  • How soon your dog has to relieve himself?
  • Does your dog show any signs of distress during the trip?

Knowing all the issues will help you prepare better.

2.  Invest In A Dog Carrier

According to vets, your pets can travel safely in a dog carrier. During the road trips, you need to keep your dog safe from unexpected bumps or sudden breaks. Avoid making your dog sit on someone’s lap as it does not keep them secure. To manage the unsafe and annoying problem, invest in one of the best dog carriers for travel. It gives your dog their own space while keeping them safe and comfortable. The lightweight and easily transportable design will make it easier to include the carrier on your trip.

3.  Pack All Necessities

You need to ensure the comfort of your dog. So, pack all the necessary items required for the trip. Depending on the duration of the journey, you need to pack all the necessities. Here are some of the essential you need to pack:

  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Food
  • Leash
  • Poop bags
  • Car-sickness bags
  • Treats
  • Favorite toys
  • Blankets
  • Medication

If you are camping or staying outside during the trip, make sure you pack a dog bed.

4.  Do Your Homework

It is better to plan the road trip to avoid confusion or complication. You need to make a note of the pet-friendly spots or hotels. It is also necessary to make sleeping arrangements beforehand. So, make reservations in advance. Also, make a list of animal clinics and pharmacies along the route to deal with any health issues arising during the trip.

5.  Make An Appointment With The Vet

Irrespective of the duration of the trip, you need to get the dog check by the vet. A health checkup is essential to prepare the dog. Make special arrangements if your dog has recently recovered from an illness. Consider having your dog microchipped before the trip to avoid unfortunate incidents. Ask your vet to prescribe medications to manage car-sickness.

6.  Monitor Your Dog

During the trip, monitor your dog. A long journey in an air-conditioned vehicle can make your dog restless. Check for the following signs:

  • Feeling distressed
  • Dehydration
  • Signs of nausea or vomiting

It is better to switch off the air-conditioner and roll down the windows. When your dog gets the fresh air now and then, it makes them feel refreshed.

7.  Plan The Meals

You need to plan the meals and their water cycle. Never give excess food or water during the trip. The Dos and Don’ts associated with feeding your dog are as follows:


  • Feed your dog at least four hours before you start your trip.
  • Before the road trip, prepare your dog by taking him for a walk and relieve himself.
  • When you stop for food, provide light food to your dog.
  • Feed your dog inside the parked car to make your dog feel comfortable with the trip.
  • After feeding, wait for some time before restarting the trip.
  • Instead of food, serve heaps of praises on your dog for staying in the car.


  • Avoid feeding just before the trip as it triggers nausea.
  • Prolonging the bathroom breaks can make your dog uncomfortable.
  • Never change their feeding routine as it can cause distress.


With good planning, you can put the stress aside from traveling with your dog. Following the tips will make the trip safe and exciting. You will get more time to bond with your dog during travel. You can explore new places with your pet.  Stop by exciting spots on the way, take mini hikes, and enjoy the time. It will aid in making the trip focused and colorful. It is a unique experience, which you cannot translate into a few words. Your dog aids in meeting people and making friends. You will understand that with your dog as your companion, you start to appreciate the new places better.

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