8 Best Tips for Travelling Safely With Your Pets


Pets are essential parts of our life. It is even safe to consider them as a member of the family. It’s not surprising why some people will prefer to have their pet along with them on any trip. Some even feel guilty, leaving their pet in the care of a total stranger.

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Even though traveling with pets can be fun, it does come with a lot of preparation. Preparing for a trip with your pet is way more than packing their foods and toys. You have to consider many things to ensure that the journey is comfortable for both parties.

To make it straightforward for you to plan, here are eight simple tips to make your trip a safe, fun, and memorable adventure for you and your pet.

1. Practice for Long Distance Trip

Taking your pet on a long-distance trip without any practice might not work well for both of you. Your pet might love to ride with you around town for a visit to the pet store or the vet. They might not have any problem with occasional day-outs or short trips, but that does not mean you should suddenly get them with you on a trip to Hawaii without practice.

It is essential to take steps to get them used to long-distance trips as it could pose a unique issue to your pet. You can have some simple training runs by going on extended trips and sitting where they would love and sit at the actual trip. Also, get them a pet carrier and let her spend time in it. The attitude will determine if you will take them along on the journey.

2. Get Adequate Pet Supplies

Part of the preparation you should make for your pet is getting the right essentials. It is vital to shop premium pet supplies before embarking on the trip. Chances are, your pet has its favorite bite, treats, toys, and food. You should not assume that you will find everything your pet loves at your destination. Trying to get them food they are not used to might cause issues.

Bringing favorite food items and treats will make them remember home even when far away. Do not forget their winter coat, blanket, cushion, toys, and treats. When pets are away from home, anything that reminds them of the home will help them.

3. Try and Keep them Safe.

While on the trip, make sure to have a designated space for your pet, likely a carrier. Most pets feel comfortable in a carrier as it keeps them safe should there be any alarming occurrence. Even though carriers occupy a lot of space, it is good to have them exposed on the car seat.

It is not an ideal idea to leave your pets alone in the car. An Extremely hot or cold temperature might be harmful to them. If you need to branch and eat, take your pet along or go to a place that has a drive-through facility.

4. Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Make sure to have your research on pet-friendly hotels before embarking on the trip. As a result, only make reservations in hotels that are pet friendly. If it is possible to have a pet bed and bowl, it will make life easier for both of you.

Leaving your pet alone for long might trigger incessant barking and whining, which might go against the hotel’s regulation. If your pet is prone to making an excessive mess, make use of a crate to keep the hotel room neat. Besides, you might need a crate to ensure that housekeeping is safe when they visit.

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5. Have a First Aid Kit

We know you do not plan or wish to have an incident on your trip. It is a good idea to have some first aid accessories with you. In case of allergies, be equipped with Benadryl. Your pet might eat something it shouldn’t. Hydrogen peroxide will help induce vomiting.

You can catch hold of a simple first aid kit with accessories like medical tape, gloves, gauze, disinfectant, cleaning wipes, etc. The presence of such an accessory can give some form of peace of mind since you will handle any incident. A Red Cross app on your phone for simple tips on handling minor pet injuries is a terrific idea.

6. Keep Your Pet Entertained

For you and your pet to have a good time while on the trip, keep her entertained. There is a possibility she will get bored and restless on the trip. The presence of a familiar toy to distract them will help make sure you both have a good time on the trip.

When you are taking breaks from the trip, consider activities that will wear your dog out. Consider activities like tug-of-war sections, fetch games or anything that will keep her moving. Do this when it’s time for a break. By the time the trip continues, your dog will be tired and will likely be calm.

7. Be Aware of Airline Policies

Before the journey, make sure you have a vet check and certify your pet as fit to fly. Also, check the specific airlines you are traveling with and be familiar with their pet travel policies. While traveling, your pet will likely stay in a crate.

For people with big dogs and other giant pets have t accommodate them in cargo. In your choice of a pet crate, be sure it is airline approved. Also, make sure your information is on the crate, in addition to the pet collar.

8. Have Copies of Essential Pet Documents

For people on an international trip, it is crucial to have your pet’s health records. The same way you have your passports and travel documents intact for the journey, your pet needs theirs as well. You need this record to show that you have a healthy and vaccinated pet.

You might have to present it to various officials on the trip. As a result, be sure to make multiple copies of their vet info and medical records.

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In having a trip with your pet, you need to go the extra mile to ensure their safety. As a result, we have explored eight essential points that can guide you on the trip. Keep these in mind, and they will go a long way to avoid any incidence while on the journey.

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