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Everyone wants to make their home look exquisite. There are several ways to change the look of any space. And, decorating the walls is one of those ways! When you add some creative elements to the walls of your home, you will feel an instant difference. Paintings are the best creative articles for the interior’s walls.

Irrespective of the interior theme, choices, and budget, there is a painting in the market for all preferences. Choosing an appropriate painting for the walls of your hall, bedrooms, kids’ room, kitchen, and other areas in the home will alter the look and feel of the space. Everyone would appreciate the positive vibes inside your home.

In today’s post, we have jotted down the top 5 paintings to decorate your walls. These paintings have got the best reviews from the people, which makes a good reason behind our recommendation.

Decorating the Walls Is So Much Fun with These 5 Paintings

1. Abstract Painting 

Abstract paintings impress us the most that is why we have put them on the top. These paintings are super versatile artwork pieces. They are associated with liveliness and energy. In simple words, abstract paintings show a radical imagination in an artistic manner. The artists mainly focus on the visual elements, including shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, etc.

No matter the look of your interior, abstract artworks will provide it with a unique dimension. You can style these paintings in thousands of ways. Let us help you a bit. If your interior is more on a monochrome side then a colorful& vibrant abstract painting makes a good choice. On the other hand, if you already have bold features and colors inside the home, the walls will appreciate an abstract painting in black and white combination. You just have to wisely pick up the best combination for the walls of your interior to provide it with a stunning makeover.

2. Madhubani Paintings

As every room of your home is special, its walls deserve a distinct decoration. If you have a spiritual personality or you’re looking for a painting for your worship room, Madhubani painting is the best. They have been around since the year 1905 and people already love them so much. These are traditional paintings that usually showcase the lifestyle and stories from Indian mythology- Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, etc. You can put these paintings on the walls of your pooja room as well as the living room as a symbol of devotion.

3. Landscape Paintings 

Landscape painting is one of the most chosen types of paintings for wall decoration. These paintings are also famous as nature paintings because they show environmental features like the river, trees, animals, mountains, and much more. These paintings suit every interior therefore they can be added to the walls of your home as well as office.

People who have a separate corner for Mother Nature in their hearts should look no further than landscape artworks. They are great to add spontaneous spice to the home while showcasing the love for the environment.

4. Buddha Paintings

Buddha painting is other best paintings for wall decoration as they are very auspicious. The painting of Lord Buddha pulls in prosperity to your interior. Being a symbol of peace and prosperity, the Buddha paintings are loved by people of China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Japan a lot.

If you want to make a statement with Buddha paintings, we suggest you decorate the entryway wall of your office or home. There is a reason behind such positioning of this painting- Whenever any person gets into your home or office, they should feel good things. This is a two-in-one painting- decoration, and devotion at the same time.

5. Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra paintings are unique kinds of artwork owing to their designing style and materials. A different type of canvas is used to create these paintings. These paintings appear so rich on the walls and take just a second to make fans- thanks to their beauty. The clay powder, cotton sarees, and tamarind paste take the beauty of these paintings to another level. The walls of your home indeed deserve such an extraordinary styling.


Now, you have the top  5 options for paintings to decorate every wall inside your home or office. Don’t leave them vacant rather let them induce positivity with these powerful paintings. And, be ready to receive tons of compliments for your beautiful choice.

We would be more than happy to know the paintings from our list that impress you the most.

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