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Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking platforms among the kids. Kids nowadays are very much fond of using Snapchat because of the attractive functionalities it provides to its users.

The users of the app are increasing day by day. It is reported that there are 249 million active Snapchat users that use the platform almost daily. The kids and teens account for the major proportion of this user-base who connect with their network using the services of the app.

How to Record Your Kids’ Snapchat Screen Remotely:

The functionalities that Snapchat serve to its user are not furnished by other services; the app allows sharing real-time happenings of life in the form of public stories, messenger stories with captions and allows adding filters and impressions to the multimedia.

But this furnishes another side to the story as well. Snapchat is becoming a major source of criminal offenses targeted on kids, kids are becoming offended and harassed over the platform by the number of unverified users, and this pattern is emerging day by day.

The app is prone and preferable for criminal activities because of its functionality, as the multimedia and messages shared over the platform disappear after a certain period of time, which makes it hard for the investigators to track and investigate the crime in many cases.

Snapchat is considered as ‘heaven for kids predators’ because the functionality offers them to do so easily, and not leaving any traces behind.

So, in this situation, parents are advised to have a strong check on their kids’ activities, because this is the best and most efficient solution to this kind of problem. Parents can keep a close check on their kids using a spy app that can actively record each and every bit of communication over the platform by the kid.

The spy app furnishes a screen recorder for Snapchat that can activelytrackall activities and happenings on android devices using the network.

There are number of services that seek to spy on Snapchat butdo not furnish what they promise. So, upon a comprehensive investigation, it is found that TheOneSpy is currently the best snapchat screen recorder app for Snapchat and does all the spying without any hint to the target user.

The kid does not get any hint of the activity because if there is so, the act can trigger an inappropriate behaviour which can be difficult to handle with for the parent.

The app is best in spying on android devices, the app serves iPhone, Mac, and Windows spying facility as well, but here we will discuss Android spying facility only.

TheOneSpy – Best Screen Recorder for Snapchat on Android

The screen recorder feature furnishes a great hand to the parents to keep a check on child’s Snapchat activities, as it clones each and everything happening on the target Snapchat screen.

All the activities performing live get mirrored to the device of the parent, and the parent, after knowing the pattern of communication and activities, can take necessary actions if something is found inappropriate and below the belt.

This allows the parent to know all the activities happening over kid’s Snapchat, if someone is harassing and bullying the child, the parent can get to know about this in real-time without any hassle and delay.

Spying on Snapchat Messages

All the chats of the Snapchat messenger can be monitored and spied on without any interruption. The conversation can be viewed from the end-user control panel; this allows having a closer look into all the whereabouts of the child’s Snapchat activities and helps in protecting the child from any potential damage through the platform.

Monitoring All the Multimedia

All the multimedia that is shared and exchanged over through the network can be monitored for any sensitive content that is not supposed to be accessed and viewed by the child.

It’s a common practice for child predators that they send inappropriate and immoral content to the children and use this for accomplishing their illegitimate purposes.

 Listening and Recording VoIP and Video Calls

All the VoIP and video calls of the app remain in full control of the parent. The parent can listen to all the conversations through VoIP and video calls, and can even record them for monitoring and listening later if the parent is not available to monitor instantly.


It is found that the best Snapchat screen recorder for android devices is TheOneSpy. It allows the parents to spy on all the dynamics of communication over Snapchat, thus contributing to child protection and security.

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