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You are staying in Marseille and want to know the different must-see places in the old Massalia. Why not plan a day to visit the Calanques? It is in fact a natural site, with extraordinary landscapes, where you can enjoy good times surrounded by nature. It is a place both magical and resplendent, located in the south of Voltaire’s homeland. Here are some practical tips to help you make the most of your visit to this heavenly place.

Practical advice for visiting the Calanques

Marseille has several kilometers of coastline requiring certain days of hiking, so that you can discover the treasures hidden there. Cassis is the recommended starting point for visiting the Calanques , so that you don’t regret anything during your stay. It is also the most famous creek in the region and you can enjoy swimming, lazing around, as well as various activities.

Then, go hiking in the famous Calanques National Park, to discover nature in all its diversity. However, it is strongly best cities to visit in spain recommended that you follow the marked and marked paths, rather than taking shortcuts. This will avoid any possible danger, whether for you or for the site.

Do not hesitate to visit the Riou archipelago, which is located in the heart of the Calanques. Be aware, however, that to get there, you absolutely need a boat. The latter is also the best means of transport for exploring all the places. Especially if you don’t have enough time to visit everything with your family.

Well equipped to visit the Calanques

The visit of the Calanques generally rhymes with practice of circuits. It is therefore essential to equip yourself accordingly. Provide walking shoes for the hikes. Don’t forget to provide the appropriate equipment for activities such as rock climbing or scuba diving. If you are a fan of fauna and flora, you can also equip yourself with binoculars.

Without forgetting the basic accessories such as swimsuits, sunglasses and sunscreen. Finally, don’t forget your camera, in order to immortalize your unforgettable moments and photograph the magnificent viewpoints.

In addition, it is better to plan what to hydrate and feed you, given that there is practically no water point in the Calanques. But above all, avoid lighting the fire as much as possible, as this could pose a real danger.

Boat or kayak trips

Do you want to visit the Calanques without being limited by the season and with complete peace of mind? Why not opt ​​for a boat trip on the crystal clear waters? You will also discover the various wonders of this heavenly place , during this kind of excursion. Especially since most of the companies, which offer you these visits, include a swim in their offer. Without forgetting that the circuits will be made according to your convenience.

On the other hand, if you are more of an adventurer, go exploring by kayak and glide on the big blue in peace. Whether you are alone or with your loved ones, you will have the opportunity to discover fabulous places hidden in the rocks such as sea caves or breaches. You can then relax on a creek, while listening to the pleasant rocking of the lapping of the water. It should however be noted that boarding on the Riou archipelago is strictly prohibited.

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