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You’ve already booked a flight ticket with United Airlines but suddenly the wrong name on the ticket catches your attention and you’re now worried about how to fix it then this article is meant for you. It’s all about how Airlines name change policy actually helps passengers to fix incorrect names on their tickets and make the reservation valid for travelling. With this policy, travellers can easily make United ticket name changes. For complete details, read till the end.

Several Types of Airlines Name Changes on Tickets Are Allowed…

Airlines Name Correction policy helps you by allowing you to fix several types of name errors. Minor changes can be done without valid legal documents but you must submit legal documents for name verification in the case of major changes.

Here are the types of ticket name changes allowed under the policy:

1. Minor Changes 

  • Misspellings in the passenger’s first & last name
  • Changing the passenger’s nickname to the initial name, and vice-versa
  • Correcting/changing the prefix or title
  • Adding/removing the middle or initial name
  • Modifying the first & last names backward 

2. Major Changes: 

  • Name Change after Marriage
  • Name Change after divorce
  • Change of legal name

If you make the name changes within 24 hours of the initial ticket purchase, you just have to pay $75 for the name change and after 24 hours, the amount can range between $100-$200.

Quick & Easy Procedure for Airlines Name Change on Ticket

Under the Airlines Name Change policy, you can quickly and easily make the required name changes. UA offers you 3 methods for United ticket name changes, including online, customer care, and airport ticket counter. You can choose from them as per your preference.

Let us have a quick look at all these methods:

1. Online

  • Go to the official website.
  • Go to the “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Enter the needed details like the passenger’s name and booking number.
  • Search your reservation from the displayed itinerary.
  • Click on the reservation to be changed or corrected.
  • Edit the name and save the changes
  • If any fare difference or name change fee is applicable, you must pay it to confirm the changes.

The online method is practical for minor changes where you do not need any legal documents.

2. Customer Care

For significant name changes like a surname change after divorce or marriage, or a complete legal name change, you should get in touch with a customer care representative . you must submit your legal document to the official.

3. Airport Ticket Counter 

You can visit the nearest United Airlines ticket counter to make minor or major United ticket name changes.

So, this is how United Airlines’ name Correction policy helps you fly comfortably when you’ve got your name wrong on the booking. Quickly fix it and fly joyfully!

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