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Modern chandeliers are currently being used to transform housed. These chandeliers are supposed to be home light fixtures. However, the creativity of manufacturers has transformed this industry into a luxurious and elegant market. Anybody that can afford them can use these glittery and mood-setting home decor pieces to transform their homes. But not after reading this comprehensive guide on modern chandeliers.

What is a chandelier?

A chandelier is typically a suspended light fixture that is meant to be installed by hanging it from the ceiling. You can buy and install chandeliers in your bedrooms, living rooms, staircases, and patios just to make a statement. Chandeliers are used as ambient light fixtures and usually come with multiple lamps that are arranged in multiple levels.

Types of chandeliers

There are different types of chandeliers as much as there are different interior décor ideas. You will have to choose the chandeliers based on style, design, intent, and so on. Chandeliers are primarily grouped by design, shapes, or finishing.

Chandeliers by design: By design, chandeliers can be chosen based on the style to match the interior designs of your home. The types here are the Modern chandelier, contemporary chandelier, rustic chandelier, craftsman/farmhouse, and an industrial chandelier design.

By shapes: Chandelier can also be grouped by shapes. Common causes include: rectangular, round, cluster, Sputnik, caged, globe, and beaded.

By finish: chandeliers can also be grouped based on their finishing. This category includes brass, bronze, gold, and chrome chandeliers.

Categorisation of chandeliers due to their lighting function

After you have considered all the types of chandeliers, you can now decide which chandelier lighting function you want. By lighting function, chandeliers can be grouped into:

1)         Uplight chandeliers: These types of chandeliers have lights that point upwards. This help provides a reflected ambience about a space compared to the downlighting type.

2)         Downlight chandeliers: This is similar to the traditional chandelier style, and is used to provide direct light to the room below. This type is the best for a room that wants a lot of focused and direct light with a hint of ambience light. This is a common type of Chandelier.

3)         Ambient light: Apart from the downlight chandeliers, a majority of chandeliers are not suitable for creating task lighting – a majority of them are better at providing ambient lighting based on the need for them to produce a non-direct and diffused light.

Choosing the right chandelier for your home

With these categories, if chandelier, you might want to choose the style which will match with your home. A different option will be to select a chandelier that contrasts with your home surroundings. For instance, when properly evaluated, you could see that a vintage crystal chandelier makes more statement in a modern home space compared to an ordinary big bell shade.

However, when choosing a chandelier for your home, the key thing here is to look for a style that will end up improving your surrounding space. You will also do well to ensure that the style you choose does not undermine the overall theme of the space/room.

Looking to choose a chandelier? 3 things to consider.

If you are in the chandelier market to get several or one for your home, there are three essential points to guide you. These are:

  • Its position.
  • Height of installation.
  • Chandelier brightness.

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