Things You Should Know Before You Rent a Self-Storage Unit


Storage has become a core necessity for people to organize and manage their belongings, files and important documents effectively for an organized life. Recent industrialized changes with technological advancements means you have to contend with increasingly lesser space on one hand and higher adaptability to items on the other hand. Maintaining your living and work spaces clean and tidy becomes essential for you to organize a pile of belongings , so the self storage solutions provide a way out of this quagmire. On the other hands, freeing up office space by managing unused items or to provide temporary shelter helps to keep your official and important documents safe and comfortable. Self Storage units are the ultimate solution that help you to manage from small to huge storage facilities.

What You Should Know Before Renting a Storage Unit?

Self-Storage facilities offer short and long term options for keeping home, personal and business goods secure. Whether you are a college student looking for stashing your stuff for vacation, a household who wants to keep their belongings safe and secured, or an office owner who needs to put their documents, files and paper safely stored, you can use your self storage units to house your belongings.

Before you start moving your belongings in, get your self storage units considerations answers in this complete self storage options guide.

1.What should I look for in a self storage unit?

Making sure that unit you have chosen is safe and secured is a top priority, but here are a few other self storage options to check for before you commit. There points are:

Accessibility: Does the facility offer 24*7 complete access to storage facility or weekend availability? Make sure you can get complete accessibility to your goods when you need them most.

Security: You need to take care of proper locking, video security, camera surveillance facility to ensure whether your self storage options offer protection for your priceless items or not.

Pricing: Asking for specific offers and discounts is not enough, it is necessary to take it in written or get a confirmation form from the service provider. It is necessary to note any pricing variability in the contract to get the best price will help you to get discounted offers.

Availability: If you need a specific size and pattern of unit, make sure your storage locations have one open.

Reviews: What current and former customers think matters. Surely staff, robbery reports and one-star reviews should knock any self storage facility off your list.

2.What Do You Need to Rent a Storage Unit?

If you are planning to rent or lease a self storage facility or unit for your business or household belongings, you must provide a valid, government issued form of ID to rent your storage unit. Here are some options of government ID:

  • Driver’s Licence
  • State ID
  • Passport ID
  • Military ID

You will also have to sign a storage unit agreement or contract (which you should perfectly read from the beginning to end, and follow the rules it lays out

3.What Does the Cost of a Self Storage Unit Determined?

What You pay for your storage unit will also vary depending on the size, structure and your requirements. You also need to understand how long you plan to store your stuff. Many self storage facilities offer monthly wise  contracts, but you could get a discount by signing up for a longer term.

Pricing can also depend on whether your unit is indoors or outdoors, if it has drive up access, and whether you need appropriate climate control. Location is another important factor, if you are looking for a self storage facility in your budget, it is necessary to consider location factor too.

What Do You do if Your Storage Unit is Broken Into?

Your self storage units have the greatest potential and security features, but theft can still occur. If your storage unit is broken then there would be a possibility of theft issues. If you are a victim of a storage unit robbery, you will only be able to claim an insurance if you have purchased a policy before placing your items in storage

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