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VPS hosting is a popular hosting option for businesses seeking a scalable and dedicated hosting option at affordable rates. Priced higher than shared hosting plans but lower than the dedicated server plans, VPS hosting offers several advantages like enhanced resources, better security, and root access to the website owners.

What is VPS Hosting?

In VPS hosting India plans, every website is isolated from each other by dividing a single server into virtual compartments with each compartment having a dedicated set of resources. This means that each website hosted on a VPS server has access to a dedicated bandwidth, disk space, and processing power. And each virtual compartment acts like a small independent server enabling each website to have a private hosting set up. This privacy allows you to have access to change, optimise and set up the server as per the specific requirements of your website. This access to the server settings and their modification according to your needs is known as full root access.

Meaning of Root Access

Root access is aimed at ensuring that inexperienced users or users with wrong intentions are not able to modify, move or delete important files on your website. When your hosting provider in India includes root access in the hosting plan, it does not provide you physical access to the server on which your website is hosted. Instead, it provides you with an online login which gives you access to the inner details and working of the server. This means you have full control over the server and the ability to make changes and customize it according to your requirements. This feature is very useful for commercial website owners and helps in preventing cyberattacks and the wrongful use of data.

Since each website operates on a virtual independent server any changes made by you do not affect the other virtual segments. With root access, you have the authority to:

Install and uninstall software, programmes, applications to make your website more efficient.

Change critical settings

Improve security

Change the working of ports to prevent bot cyberattacks. And closing the ports that are not in use.

Merge or split cPanel accounts

Access any file on the system

Benefits of Root Access

When you choose a VPS hosting plan with full root access you benefit in several ways:

You have full control over the settings of your website and the applications used for operating it. This saves a lot of time that would have been wasted in asking hosting companies to implement the changes sought by you.

The virtual division of a server makes each compartment a separate server with a high level of security from hackers and mistakes of other websites. You can also install third-party software and applications for protecting the sensitive personal and other data of your clients and visitors.

Again, since each segment of the server acts as an independent server, you have the option to scale your website and seek more resources to host it.

You can create users and assign them the exact level of access that you want them to have. This reduces the level of threat to your server but also eliminates problems arising due to unintentional changes made by any user.

To conclude, when looking to buy VPS hosting in India, do check whether the hosting company is providing you with root access to the servers.

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