How to find niches for SEO Blogs


Which niche to choose from is one of the frequently asked questions while trying to Rank a website. How to work it, make it work, and monetize it, is another question. 

What is a niche?

A niche is nothing more than a specific topic on which your website will be treated, avoiding generalizing, and addressing different topics. With very specific interests, this theme is selected in order to capture the attention of a market segment. The term “niche” constitutes web pages that are based on a particular theme. 

You should fix your whole focus on a group of keywords around a topic and create many searches, so you can monetize it, which is the sole purpose of niches.

With this you can incorporate an AdSense strategy or another type of monetization, so for a website like these to be profitable, it has to generate at least 1000 searches per month. 

If you don’t have a niche yet

You may not yet have a defined niche or it may be that you are looking for ways to increase the SEO of your already created website. To get one that is totally profitable for you, we make the following recommendations:

  1. In order to create the website, think of various themes that you should know in order to create the website. 
  2. You should start searching Google for all the pages that interest you regarding that topic. 
  3. All right! You have found some established niches. The ones that don’t seem interesting should be discarded. 
  4. Specify the niche you have selected a little more and look for a target audience. The focus should be on specifics like “tennis” while general topics like “sports” should be avoided. The easier it will be to rank in Google when your niche is less popular.
  5. Use an SEO tool like UberSuggest or KWFinder to analyze the niche you have chosen. You will know that it is a good choice if you have a good amount of organic searches and have low or medium competition.
  6. With respect to the niche, select the domain according to the positioning, which should be specific. 

And so you will have finished with the primary creation of a web page ready to be optimized with a good SEO ranking.

Niches and Google

This is the reality: Since their list of keywords is more punctual and has less competition, niches are easier to position in Google as compared to general websites. This does not mean that it requires less time or that you should make little effort. It requires time, dedication, and patience while doing good niche SEO. So, if you’re ready, let’s get to it.

Key concepts before starting

You must take into account some essential terms before starting to work on SEO for niches:

Search volume or relevance

It is linked with how popular or important is the keyword you want to rank and what clearly defines your niche. The higher the search volume, the word you want to position has, the more relevant it will be, and therefore, it gives you more chances to appear in someone’s search. It is a fact that your website will appear on top searches generating traffic when your search volume keywords are higher. 


How other websites handle the same niche as you is known as “Competition.” If there is low or medium competition in SEO ranking it will be easier for you to achieve a good position in Google results. There is more opportunity to appear in first positions when there is less competition.

Starting to work on our SEO

Since you are clear about everything you need to know about your niche, we will start working on SEO positioning. How the process is going, will be told by us: 

What keywords to use?

One thing that must be kept in mind is the competition and relevance of the keywords in Google for which you want to rank your website. For this, you have to use keyword planners and also study your competitors to see how others are working that niche and what type of content they are creating, leading others to your niche.

Always remember good SEO Firm always Start looking for other related keywords to generate a structure on which they are going to base your website.

Study other niches

If you’re a bit lost when it comes to keyword selection, it’s always good to take a look at how other websites have tackled similar niches. Viewing the first website that appears on Google is a good strategy for a keyword. In order to generate your content in an original but well-organized way, you should visualize the content and the keywords you use. 

Structure and plan

Try to rank them in order of importance and structure them in such a way that they form a logical line to follow after you have all the keywords.

To do this you can start to write them down in a list so that it seems that they are organized. Then you should review the relevance and locate the most important ones with the highest search volume. Finally, check their level of difficulty or number of competitors and rank them down on the list, that has too many competitors.

Whether it is monetizing, generating traffic, or any other strategy, this structure must be focused on the objectives you want to achieve.

Content creation

It’s time to put that whole structure up on the website, once you’ve done all the planning procedure. Directly addressing the keywords you want to rank for, is the best way to do this and start generating the content. To ensure that your content will rank for that keyword, try to have an acceptable density in the content, use bold and other formats to highlight relevant parts of the text while making good use of interlinking or internal linking.

You should put into practice everything you know about SEO OnPage strategies that are the best friend of web pages focused on niches, in this aspect. 

Now that you’ve started, don’t be discouraged. White label SEO ranking requires effort, patience, and perseverance and is slow.

Until you have reached the desired position in Google and the number of visits grows month by month, continue generating content and polishing the structure of your website.

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