How to make an SEO strategy


If you are trying to position your website in a search engine, For this reason, we will present you with a series of strategies that you can implement so that your Ranking increases until you achieve the results you are looking for.

It is important to note that an SEO strategy consists of a series of structured steps that you must follow and there is no magic formula that will make you appear in the first place. Each of the steps that we will teach you must be part of a structured plan with which you must be constant and persevering.

We also recommend that you evaluate the order in which you are going to follow your strategies yourself so that it is perfect for you. We could present the steps to you in one way, but you can always modify them to achieve the desired effect. Go for it!

Determine the profitability of your business

In order to determine how profitable your business is, you need to know three key facts: the complexity of the product (how broad is your niche), the competition of the product (how many people are talking about it), and the search volume or relevance (how many people Google it). Once you know this you will be able to know if the website you are developing has a chance of becoming a profitable business.

The secret to know if your business is profitable is that the three elements are harmonized in a slightly complex subject that has a low or medium level of competition and is highly relevant.


Regarding the difficulty, complexity, or specificity of the product/service, you need to know that the broader the topic you choose, the more difficult it will be to Rank. For example, positioning “computers” will be more complicated than “laptops”; and its level of difficulty will decrease if you try to position “15-inch laptops.”

As you can see, the level of complexity will decrease as the topic is more specific.


It is the number of people who are trying to position the same topic as you. The recommendation is a good SEO strategy is that the Community website you are trying to position has low or medium competition. You can know this using SEO tools that allow you to analyze the difficulty of a given keyword. You can also verify it yourself by doing a Google search on the subject you want to position while checking how many pages appear in the search results and how the pages take the first position.


Search volume for your keywords is what puts the icing on the cake. If you have a topic with low competition but nobody searches for it on Google, no matter what you do, it does not seem to be a very good option since it will be difficult for you to achieve an acceptable volume of visits. You need to determine the relevance of the chosen topic using tools like Google Trends and the like.

Create your buyer persona

You need to know who your website will be targeting, what type of user you want to attract with the creation of content.

For this, we will develop a profile of a fictitious person who has the characteristics that we want to get them to visit us. You don’t just have to determine their gender, age, and demographic position; You must find out what their specific interests, needs, goals, and more will be.

While developing this profile, take into account the following:

  • General data: gender, age, geographic location, marital status.
  • Lifestyle: If it is professional, job, training or, economic level.
  • Personality: What do you like, what do you need.
  • Objectives: What it is looking for, why it will enter your website, and what problem it seeks to solve.

Keyword research

Every SEO strategy has a fundamental step to carry out the corresponding research to find out the keywords from which you will create content. It is necessary to do complete planning of the keywords that you are going to use in the positioning of your website, otherwise, you could be creating content with few searches or too high competition.

There are many tools that will help you with this task such as SEMrush, Keyword Magic Tool, and SmartSEOTools, and other types of SEO tools with keyword planning functionalities showing them according to their relevance, competition, and other data to take into account.

Work SEO On Page

Once you have selected the most important keywords, you have to work all the SEO On-Page of your website so that it is in tune with these keywords. You should check that all parts of your website are optimized in terms of SEO but also in many cases optimized for these selected keywords.


While naming the images, keep in mind that Google will need to know what the image is about, to know if it is consistent with your website. In that case, we recommend you put a full name and that is consistent with what it shows and with what you want to position, since having related content (in the form of images) with the main theme also helps.

The weight of the images is another determining factor. Google will subtract points if your site takes too long to load because the images are too heavy. Therefore, avoid loading very heavy images, with too much resolution or with unnecessary details and go for the simple, as in this case, less is more.


To position a keyword effectively, the best recommendation is that you personalize each of your links. In this sense, the aim is that you make all your pages (even when they are blog articles) interconnected by link building. This means that each page can guide you to another of your page so that the user remains in circulation for longer on your website.

In this procedure, you must make sure that all the links you have on your site are fully functional since broken links will reduce points for Google.

Meta description

Although it has been shown that this specific aspect does not directly affect the SEO of your site, it is an excellent aid for users to click on it. So try to make sure that the meta description that you are going to write for your page is very clear and has called to action so that the user feels attracted to enter.

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