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With the right advice, it is possible to construct a home that makes guests feel at home and at ease as soon as they walk through the front door. Altering some of the furniture as well as adding a touch of depth to each room and well-curated accent items may dramatically improve the appearance of your home’s cosiness and appeal.

The idea is to make landed properties appear more lived-in, tranquil, and homelike. In addition, these interior designs for landed properties generate an inviting atmosphere since they are inhabited and treasured. Follow these tried-and-true techniques by many expert interior design companies in Singapore to make your living area more inviting!

Stack Your Bedding

Layer soft bed sheets, a high-quality duvet, a throw blanket with texture, and even more pillows. If you’re having problems choosing complementary colours for your bed, consider changing neutral tones that are pleasing to the eye and give off a cosy sense throughout the d├ęcor of your bedroom. During the restoration of your house, you may also seek guidance from your landed property’s interior designer.

Incorporate a lot of Greenery

Fresh flowers or plants may provide a pleasant touch of cosiness to a house’s kitchen or dining area! Consider visiting a local plant nursery to select flowers and a vase that complements the environment in which they will be displayed. Even if you are unable to care for plants regularly, artificial plants will suffice!

Utilise Wooden Accents

Wood is timeless and lends a rustic, cosy atmosphere to your house, making it suitable for a variety of home design styles. Layering wood components, whether on the walls, floors or in the form of furnishings and accents, will provide a historic yet modern feel to the space. In addition, wooden furnishings may be highly versatile, durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing, exuding a warmth that other materials cannot always achieve. Numerous Singaporean landed homes include wood elements in their flooring or carpentry.

Exhibit Some Wall Art

If you are unsure about what to display on your walls, try a large and stunning statement piece! Similarly themed groupings of artworks may also be employed to create a spectacular wall display. Remember that there should be breathing room around the artwork. Leave some white space on the walls to highlight the artwork, resulting in a cosier atmosphere and a packed appearance.

Contrast and Complement

It is not necessary to stick to a single furniture set when furnishing your home; in fact, it might be more interesting to mix and match colours, patterns, styles, and shapes. Permit yourself the freedom to mix and match furniture to represent your tastes. This chic living space with a contemporary spherical couch, modern square armchairs, and an Asian-style console table is a magnificent example of warmth.

Use of Soft Lighting

Instead of harsh overhead lighting, utilise softer diffused lighting, table lamps, and pendant lights with warm-toned LED lights to fill the area with a beautiful candle-lit glow visually.

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